How to decide which way to follow…

It is quite normal to start with an idea and during the process more ideas pop up … and I can highly recommend to follow those ideas because often the artwork gets stronger through those new ideas. Sometimes not 😉 To chose if and which idea to follow is a very dificult decision to make. Of corse you don´t want to distroy the work you have already done. Otherwise the right idea could be the better way to get your main idea more clear, easier to understand or just stronger. Especially when you have already gotten far ahead in the process, probably almost „finished“, the decision is hard to make. It also depends on the material you are working with. If it is a acryl painting you can paint it over and over in layers – so you can turn back and forth in your ideas. But if you are working on a watercolor piece you can´t chance it afterwards, you may start all over again.

Something that helps me a lot is to take a foto of the work I am right now and look at it on the smartphone „with new eyes“. It also helps to make a break, putting the art piece beside and work on something totally different, before looking at it again. Since we have a lot of digital tools we can make the change on the computer without touching the process at reality to see if the new idea is as good as it seems to be.

As I am lazy I prefer two ways: „just jump“ and see if it works OR I make the change on a new piece of paper, put it on the place to change and take a foto to see how it looks like. This is how I did with the „Bride on a spiral staircase“.

The idea was to lead the observer to the question „Where is she running to?“ and I had a lot of ideas what to put down on the basefloor at the end of the staircase. But most of the ideas would lead the observer to a deadlocked statement of the artwork, which I did not want to have. So I tried some different kind of basefloor pattern, but non of them where good enough. My brilliant friend Kex had the right idea. He said: „Just leave it open where the staircase is going to… continue with even more stairs.“ I just had to decide which colors I should use for the following steps, as I wanted it to be as mystical as possible. I like the glow of the green steps a lot! When I look at the finished picture I feel like I am pulled into the picture, falling.
What do you think?

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