Are the artworks for sale?

On principle, yes.

But for me it is important that my artworks are not closed up into a privat storage of some collector. Those artworks should be seen in public, because they have an important social message. I would prefer if an organisation or a museum want to show my work in public by mentoring or guiding the viewers along.

Are the Boardgame-sculptures playable?

Yes, they are. All boardgame-sculptures are built as an original boardgame and includes all needed parts and even a book of rules.

My boardgame-sculptures affects the viewer on different levels. It works by just looking at it and understanding the meaning of the subject. But if it is „used“, in the same way as the original is ment to, the viewer will get a much deeper insight and stronger feelings for the subject. A following discussion amoung all players (at best with a monitoring person beside) could help to get out the most effect of the boardgame-artworks.

Are you a social worker, curiator or a teacher – please contact me with your idéa!

What is your intension?

„There is one sin we must never commit and it is to humiliate another person or to allow another person to be humiliated in our presence without us screaming and shouting and protesting.“

Eliezer Wiesel 1928-2016, author, Nobel Peace Prize 1986

This is my way of screaming and shouting and protesting.

What inspires you?

My artworks often adresses a critical view of how some people act against each others and how others ignore this behavior and pretend not to see what´s going on.

I am what the science calls a „highly sensitive person“ (HSP) and one effect of it is that my empathy for all suffering is highly devoloped. To deal with this grueling sensitivity is important for my placidness. I feel a big release, at the moment I start thinking about how I can transform this empathy into art. It seems like my personal feelings modify into an important message to all the people who doesn´t see or don´t want to see, what I see.

So what you would call my INSPIRATIONS are all those terrible daily news, the common indifferense against suffer and my unstoppable carousel of thoughts why people are so apathetic and how I could make them change.