Are the Boardgame-sculptures playable?

Yes, they are. All boardgame-sculptures are built as an original boardgame and includes all needed parts and even a manual.

The boardgame-sculptures are artworks that affects the viewer on different levels. It works by just looking at it and understanding the meaning of the subject. But if it is “used”, in the same way as the original is ment to, the viewer will get a much deeper insight and stronger feelings for the subject. A following discussion amoung all players (and probably even a monitoring person) could help to get out the most effect of the boardgame-artworks.

Are you a political person?

No. I am not interested in politics, as there are to many diplomatical obsticals to make a real different. To be a politician means you have to run a marathon, but I am the sprinter typ. I am neither made to be a brave nurse in the war zone nor an unshakable lawyer who defends the victims. But I care for human and other living creatures. Deep in my soul there is this childish wish to save the world and protect all creatures from harm.

What is your intension?

“There is one sin we must never commit and it is to humiliate another person or to allow another person to be humiliated in our presence without us screaming and shouting and protesting.”

Eliezer Wiesel 1928-2016, author, Nobel Peace Prize 1986

I feel totally powerless to stop all the cruelity of humankind, but in art I have found a way to express my inner voice: this is my way of screaming and shouting and protesting.

Where do you live and work?

In february 2008 I moved from Germanys capital Berlin to the countryside on a swedish island called Öland. Öland is known for its rough beauty, white sandy beaches and the great diversity of birds and wild orchids. And yes, there are mooses in the wide dark forrests too.

It is a pleasure to live at a place where you know everybody by name and a small talk at the grocery store is often the highlight of the day. I need the calmness and serenity of this unspectacular living as a balance to all the irritations and stimulations of our world.