• born 27th may 1965 in Bethesda MD, USA
  • raised nearby Munich, Germany and since then lived in Munich, Berlin and Stockholm
  • living on the swedish island Öland since february 2008

When I was a kid, I painted all the time and everywhere and always had paper and pens with me. When I was 16, I was among the artists at Leopoldstraße in Munich and sold my first miniature paintings. Ideas are always in abundance and I have never been able to confine myself to an art genre. Silhouettes, sculptures, puppets, collages, paintings or drawings – I choose according to my feelings. My themes I choose intuitively, often the subconscious things I have already thought about for a long time. Otherwise I work absolutely lust-controlled. I developed my knowledge at several art courses and private lessons by the artist Peter Schönfeldt in Berlin, but mostly just practice. The winter term 2014/15 I studied at Falkenbergs Konstskolan. Also check out my post among „Röster från skolan“ (Link). Since then I work more often and purposeful with my arts.