• born 27th may 1965 in Bethesda MD, USA
  • lived in Munich, Berlin and Stockholm
  • living & working on the swedish island Ă–land

Sometimes I feel like my live had to be exactly the way it was to finally end up doing this kind of artworks, like if I was prepared through all the ups and downs. ……

My artwork sums up all my life experiences and my knowledge of human nature. I have never been interested in politics, but always in people. I am a convinced humanist and I believe in diversity and human rights. To watch how human being act carelessly, ruthlessly and even violently against each other is incredible and upsetting and makes me despair. On the other hand I am a mostly happy, spontaneous and also playful person. This is for sure one of the reasons why I especially love kids, always have. There for I found it unbearable that adults uses childrens faith to hurt, to humilate and to humble them.