Boardgame-Sculpture, 2020

board (1 piece) 100 x 100 cm
6 pimp-figures, 2 dices (sex-theme)
50 whore-tokens, 35 brothel-tokens
money (10-, 50-, 100-, 500-, 1.000-, 5.000-, 10.000-, 50.000-, 100.000-notes)
22 chance-cards, 22 cartel-cards
1 carton-box 98 x 53 cm, 1 rules-book

This sculpture is about trafficking and prostitution. The places on the board are known places for prostitution in the world. The terms of this business, which is – cynically – called „The game“, have been used for the chance-cards, the cartel-cards and some parts on the board.

Become the mack of the game!

Gather your beer buddies and get into „the game“! Stroll around the hottest sex places in the world, seize the best ones, recruit some cuties and turn them out directly. Collect the quota, plan your strategy well and invest in your property, to get richer and more and more influential. But whatch out for romeo pimps, the gorillas and all the other players: they want your strolls and the want your hos. In the end the question will be: are you the mack or are you just a tennis shoe pimp?