„Amazing Grace – drawer series“

Painting, 2017

66 x 60 cm
Acrylic paint on canvasboard
framed in an old printery drawer

Grace Brewster Murrey Hopper – called „Amazing Grace“ (1906 – 1992)
American rear admiral & inventor of programming language Cobol

The drawer series…

… is about prejudice against a person because of their appearance. In Germany it is called „putting someone in a drawer“. The inspiration for this series was a picture of Ben Gorham in a magazine. I became curious about who he was and was very surprised when I read that he created perfume. I thought about it for a long time: why had I been so surprised by this profession? I had never met a perfume creator and therefore I could not have a picture of what such a person looks like. Where do this prejudice came from? I came across many more people who are such a „surprise package“, someone who you can easily put the wrong label on. “