„Chemnitz Chasing“

Boardgame-Sculpture, 2020

gameboard (3 pieces) 153 x 114 cm
2 victim-figures, 5 pursuer-figures,
1 ticketholder 42 x 29 cm
159 tickets, 1 dubblemove-card,
18 startpoint-cards,
1 carton-box 87 x 58 cm, 1 rules-book


Chemnitz Chasing is a exciting board game with a great mix of competition and cooperation. It is an asymmetrical chase through the streets of Chemnitz.
One player is randomly chosen to be the victim – he may choose between a dastardly jew token or a stinky moslem token – on the run from a bunch of patriotic right guys. The board is a scale map of Chemnitz, dotted with almost two hundred stops or stations for bicycle, bus, cable car and train. The victim moves in secret, but must reveal his mode of transportation on every move and his actual location periodically. With smart play, the pursuers can cordon off their victims escape route and make it impossible for him to move without intersecting one of them. It surly can be draining to be surrounded. Who knows what they gonna do with him?
This game is a lot of fun and simple enough for bullyboys to enjoy and to provide the right atmosphere for them.
And ask for the jew (or moslem)? Well, he gonna have to do his best!