„The Catch“

Boardgame-Sculpture, 2020

6 oceanboards each 122 x 60 cm, Ø 110 cm
6 magnetic fishing rod
18 fishing plates
(9 corps, 4 life jackets, 2 lifebuoys, 3 fishes)
1 rules-card

Game Review:

A game for friends of the Mediterranean sea

This exciting fishing game offers entertaining fun for two to three players. The rods and other all the objects to be fished have strong magnets. This makes it very easy, even for small and inexperienced children, to catch a „big fish“ and get excited about it. There are three categories of objects: a little fish is worth 1 point, an empty life vest or an empty lifebuoy gives 2 points each and a corpse may bring 3 points. Whoever has achieved the most points wins this entertaining family game. The hand-eye coordination in particular is trained well in this fishing game.