„No Mercy“

Boardgame-Sculpture, 2020

1 gameboard (in 4 pieces) 214 x 116 cm
20 token, 5 „Family Belongings“-cards
32 „Danger“-cards, 2 dices
90 belonging-tokens (food, water…)
1 rules-book, 1 carton-box 87 x 58 cm,


You have lost everything: your house is destroyed, there are no schools for your kids to go, no electricity in the cities, the company you worked for is razed to the ground and no new job to find, there are no groceries to buy and on top of all of this the corrupt government starts recruiting all men and boys as soldiers. So you decided it is time to rescue your family by fleeing the war and hoping for a new and better life in any peacefull country. But you are not the only one with this idea and it is getting more difficult to find a secure way to Europe. It has become a floureshing (and criminal) business to ”help” refugees – in other words it is expensive and very dangerous to migrate. And while journalistic pictures of drunken migrants scare the world, nobody talkes about the suffering and dying of million of people in the desert on the way to the Mediterranean Sea, even though the migrants death toll in the Sahara is likely twice as high.
But at least there is a little chance – which is a better quote than staying between ruins and waiting for the death to come. You and your family have reached so far the edge of the big desert and need to get to the Mediterranean port where you will pay to get your family into one of those lifeboats, hoping you will not drown then. But before you have to worry about that,: you gonna come face to face with death on your journey to the harbour.