17 maj 2023

Fluffy, it might seem, but also politically and ossifyingly interesting.
Playful, but also thoughtful.

Kalmar Länstidning
14 okt 2022

It is not a beautiful or idyllic world that Angelika Ann Kammerer depicts in „God does not throw dice“. She is a painter and sculptor and has created nightmarish variants of board games.

12 okt 2022

The artist Angelika Kammerer has a motto for her creation: art against indifference. With her interactive sculptures / installations, she wants to wake us up, open our eyes to the outside world, make us discuss it and engage with the unstable people.

8 okt 2022

She is always burningly relevant and a useful stick in the flesh for society’s sinners – if only they took part in the messages.

16 sept 2022

Jürgen Ewel from Åkerbokonstnärnerna gave a eulogy to Angelika Ann Kammerer in Mellböda, who is the one who launched the idea of Konstlandskapet (a joint art tour on Öland). – It’s a fantastic vision she had, to gather everyone under one hat.

Östgöta Correspondenten
15 april 2022

As a contrast and most eye-catching are Angelika Ann Kammerer’s two collage paintings and colorful game sculpture. Her visual world tells about refugees, beggars, barbed wire and passport problems. Always current political art.

28 sept 2021

Unfortunately, I confused the names of two artists who both like to paint figures like the one in the current work, although the grant differs. The correct name of the artist who created the artwork in the Arthall should be Angelika Ann Kammerer, who built the Art Gallery in Mellböda.
The exhibited artwork touches deeply,
and has already given rise to discussion.

26 sept 2021

However, it is difficult not to mention Angelica Kristensson Aurelius*, whose mixed-technique „puppet girl“ (with, among other things, a string to pull) shows an exemplary human commitment. Do not pass by the creation until you have seen the razor blade and thought about it!

  • wrong name – correction on 28 sept
Östgöta Correspondenten
21 nov 2020

Angelika Kammerer from Öland is one of Konstlab’s exhibitors and participates in several works that can almost be described as sculptural installations.With the starting point in classic board games, she has created current social commentary. She has, for example, reformatted Monopoly into a fully playable „Mongerpoly“ which, down to every detail, has a counterpart in the original game, but which in her version becomes a sharp comment on trafficking and the sex trade.

20 juli 2019

It is gallerist and artist Ann Kammerer who has succeeded in bringing together fourteen artists with more or less firm footholds in northern Öland. The idea has been to manifest northern Öland as an art landscape.


For me, it will be my artistic coming-out in Sweden. I paint in acrylic, watercolor and ink and use different materials for my sculptures, says Ann Kammerer, Mellböda Gård.


The name of the new gallery will be Konststallet. I want to keep the stable feeling, so I don’t want to change too much, she says.

29 sept 2018

This was a successful start for the gallery. I am really looking forward to working with this, concludes Angelika Ann Kammerer.

22 dec 2009

One dark snowy evening, the priest Dag Sandahl called at my house and asked me to paint this wooden sculpture. You don’t say no to someone out in the cold like this at Christmas time, says painter Ann Dettloff, who has drawn and painted since childhood. She had a couple of days to spare, so she had to use the night to catch up.